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Harmony Ball - Traditional Pregnancy Necklaces 

Discover our traditional collection: a timeless range of traditional pregnancy necklaces crafted from pure silver, offering simplicity and elegance for expectant mothers. Each pendant evoke a sense of maternal serenity, suspended from your choice of silver, leather or silky necklaces. Add a touch of magic to your pregnancy journey and discover now which one will be yours!




The maternity bola is a pregnancy necklace specially designed to be worn by mums-to-be starting from the 20th week of pregnancy, when babies start to recognise sounds. The sweet melody coming out of the maternity bola gently soothes mums-to-be and babies during pregnancy and are perfect to subtly dress up your baby bump. The sweet tinkling of the harmony ball is close to the sound of a little bell. During pregnancy, baby hears the music of the carillon inside the maternity bola and, as baby recognises the melodious sound of your harmony ball, she will be calmed and soothed by its sound. Accustomed to her harmony ball, baby will be calmed and reassured by it after birth too.


Once baby arrived, you can keep wearing your harmony ball as a stylish maternity necklace. When your baby will grow older, you can hang the harmony ball to your stroller, the mobile bed or sew it inside a blanket.


Discover our collection of maternity bolas and find the harmony ball that will sublimate your maternity outfits and highlights your pretty belly. Made from fine nickel-free silver, our maternity bolas are a unique gift for moms-to-be!

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