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Montessori - Our Natural Wooden Baby Toys!

Inspired by the Montessori approach to educating and raising children which emphasizes simplicity and setting children up to be able to learn things on their own through their own explorations and in contrast to the hustle and bustle of much of mainstream society, our Montessori toys are natural wooden toys with simple and elegant shapes. 


The Montessori method emphasizes natural materials such as wood that are healthy and safe for children. 


The toys are quite simple: no flashing lights, no buzzes or whistles. No cartoon characters or logos. 


Not too many : a cluttered environment can confuse a child. Instead, the key is to have just a few well-chosen toys that the child can use in order to learn new skills and explore the world in a spirit of adventure.


With our simple, elegant and natural wooden toys, the effect is similar to being outside at a beautiful park or walking in a pristine forest and is so sweet that it can stay for long as your baby’s best friend!

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