Anti-Aging Double Jade Roller with Spikes


A legacy of Chinese medicine, the jade roller has been used for millennia by Asian women for its benefits. Formerly reserved for luxury spas, it is now part of the beauty routines of trendy beautystas and is the talk of luxury beauty magazines like Vogue or ELLE.


☾ Benefits


Jade is known in crystal therapy (stone medicine) for its regenerating and soothing benefits. It has purifying virtues, drains toxins out and accelerate the cicatrization, which is beneficial to calm the skin prone to acne or stress. Using it also boosts the production of collagen. The jade roller can be placed in the fridge or under cold water before use for an even deeper soothing and draining effect - a really deliciours daily anti-aging massage for your skin!


☾ The Ritual


Our jade roller consists of two parts: one with spikes to stimulate (light jade) and drain and the other to soothe and relax (green jade).


One minute is enough to enjoy all the benefits of the jade roller:

  • Apply a serum, oil or moisturiser on your face. The jade roller allows them to penetrate better.
  • The facial massage should start in the middle of the face going outwards from the cheeks.
  • Then start from the eyebrows and roll up to the forehead.
  • Massage your eyes from the inside to the outside, not forgetting the contours - this will deflate puffiness and dark circles (this should be done with the part without spikes)
  • Finish by going up from the neck towards the chin


The lymphatic drainage as well as the production of collagen will thus be optimal!


Anti-Aging Double Jade Roller with Spikes ☾

Anti-Aging Double Jade Roller with Spikes

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