Crystal Heart for Meditation and Decoration ☾ Pink Quartz


Our crystal heart in natural pink quartz is a piece of decoration that will embellish and send its positive energies to any place where it will be placed!




  • Crystal heart in natural pink quartz
  • The Good Karma Shop bag to store your crystal heart
  • A crystal intention card




Rose quartz: a universal love stone, rose quartz vibrates with all the nuances of love, from romantic love to self-love, family love and love of life.


The Ritual


Place your heart in a symbolic place in your home or on an altar that you will erect to honor a person, an intention or a dream. You can also take it with you to important meetings or moments of your life and hold it during your meditation sessions. We hope that it will bring you good luck and open your heart to Love!

Crystal Heart for Meditation and Decoration ☾ Pink Quartz

    • White "The Good Karma Shop" bag to carry or store your cristal
    • Intention card for the cristal
    • Free "With Love" gift card where you can leave a personal message if it is a gift