Crystal Therapy for Couple Kit ☾ "Yin & Yang"


In Chinese philosophy, the the yin and yang are two complementary forces that explain life and the cosmos. They are the two different components of a duality, generally opposite and complementary. Yin and yang do not exist in themselves or outside of their relationship.


Linked by their nature to concrete oppositions like overcast sky and clear sky, light and shadow, the yin and the yang are the forces that govern the dynamism of nature and the transformation of beings and things. The Yin, represented in black, evokes feminity, the moon, darkness, freshness and receptivity. The Yang meanwhile represents masculinity, the sun, luminosity, the heat and action.




This Crystal Therapy Kit is intended to support your couple in the twists and turns of life. We like to use this set of two crystals to remind us of our intention to make room in our lives for the opposite elements, to harmonise tensions and balance our couple.


The Ritual


We place them around our home in symbolic places that may accumulate tensions and carry them with us during discussions or important meetings. We hope that they will inspire you to fill up on good energy, wisdom and protect your couple!

Crystal Therapy Kit for Couple ☾ - Yin & Yang

    • The Good Karma Shop pouch to carry or store your cristals
    • Intention card for the cristals
    • Free "With Love" gift card where you can write a message if it is a gift