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Crystal Therapy Kit against Electromagnetic Waves ☾ - Shungite


Shield yourself with Shungite! 


We like to use this set of three shungites to protect us against harmful electromagnetic radiation. It is also a good way to remember our intention to limit harmful waves around us as often as possible. 




Shungite is a black stone with a unique composition that neutralizes the impact of harmful electromagnetic waves. Studies of the effect of Shungite on electromagnetic fields showed that it absorbs electromagnetic emissions and protects against radiation.


The Ritual


Place each of the 3 shungites near your cell phone, laptop and wifi station.




  • Set of 3 Shungites
  • The Good Karma Shop pouch to store your crystals
  • An intention card

Crystal Therapy Kit against Electromagnetic Waves ☾ - Shungite

    • The Good Karma Shop pouch to carry or store your cristals
    • Intention card for the cristals
    • Free "With Love" gift card where you can write a message if it is a gift
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