Crystal Therapy Kit for Tobacco Addiction ☾ "I Quit Smoking"


A difficult addiction to stop, smoking is also a horrific disease which can litteraly kill you. When clubbed with the right crystals, you can quit smoking and also fill in the void that your mind tried filling nicotine with. Crystals you need to quit smoking are powerful enough to change your mindset. You won’t be forced to quit; your mind will rewire itself to hate smoking.  And this is the perfect crystal set to help you quit smoking for good!


The Ritual


Use the right crystals in the following way, with 100% hope and positivity, to see shoking results:


  •  Create a Mini Crystal Grid with these 3 Crystals, choosing to place your Favorite Crystal (which can be a different one every day) at its Center
  •  Program the Grid to Quit Smoking 
  •  Hold the Central Crystal in your Palm and Visualize what will happen to your Lungs when you Quit Tobacco Addiction
  •  Rub the Crystal on your Throat & Chest Chakra for 5 minutes
  •  Carry at least 1 Crystal always on you during the day
  •  Cleanse the Crystals and Renew your Intention to Quit Smoking every Full Moon




If you’re thinking of Quitting Smoking, you need to work on your Mindset where Decisions and Cravings are made. The secret to Quitting Smoking with Crystals is Meditation. Once you start spending time with the Crystals while chanting your desires and affirmations, it will set the Intention inside the Crystals. The Right Crystals for Quitting Smoking will help to send this affirmation to the Heart of the Universe and Manifest it.


Stay Powerful!

Crystal Therapy Kit for Tobacco Addiction ☾ - I Quit Smoking

    • The "Good Karma Shop" pouch to carry or store your cristals
    • Intention card for the cristals
    • Free "With Love" gift card where you can write a message if it is a gift!