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Crystal Therapy ☾ Pink Quartz


Our stones and crystals are intended to inspire you in your practice. We like to use crystals and energy stones to define our intentions, purify the energy around us and connect with our inner-self and spiritual world.




1 Pink Quartz

1 The Good Karma Shop Pouch to tore your crystal

1 intention card for your crystal




Rose Quartz: a love stone, rose quartz emits all hues of love.. from romantic love to self-love, family love and love of life!


The Ritual


Place your crystal around your home to remind you of your intention and commitment to love or take it with you in yoour day-to-day life or for an important meeting. We hope this pink quartz stone will inspire you to find true love, protect your couple or find love within yourself!

Crystal Therapy ☾ - Pink Quartz

    • The Good Karma Shop pouch to carry or store your cristals
    • Intention card for the cristals
    • Free "With Love" gift card where you can write a message if it is a gift
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