Crystals for FRIENDS ☾


Crystals for Friends. A little bag of friendship. A collection of stones believed to contain properties specially designed to nurture love and friendship! 


Surround your BFF with the loving and caring energy from these beautiful crystals. We've handpicked the most meaningful crystals for your friends.




* Rhodonite (Pink Grey) - Radiates Calm & Feminine Feels, Inspires Trust

* Pink Quartz (Pale Pink) - Unconditional Love, Supports Trust & Friendship

* Golden Citrine (Yellow) - the Sunshine Stone, Promotes Playfulness & Happiness


Each Crystal kit will arrive in its own The Good Karma Shop bag, complete with details of each stone's metaphysical properties, finished with a Crystal Grid template to recreate your own Crystal Grid at home.


The Ritual


Carry these crystals around with you for important meetings in your bag or pocket or place them around your home in symbolic places. You can also create a mini Crystal Grid using the template on your card.


Place these crystals on a windowsill under direct moonlight at Full Moon to cleanse and recharge.

Crystals for ☾ FRIENDS

    • "The Good Karma Shop" pouch to store your Stones
    • Intention card for the Stones
    • Free "With Love" gift card where you can write a message if it is a gift!