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An Authentic Mala Beads Necklace - to Intensify your Sacred Prayers & Meditations!


The Hindu Meaning


Rudrakshas are the traditional prayer beads in the hindou religion. According to the legend, the first Rudraksha tree came from the tears of Lord Shiva and, according to the Hindu sacred texts, the Rudraksha tree has special physical and spiritual healing powers.


The Benefits


This Mala necklace for sacred prayers will help you go further and support you in your spiritual journey.


The Ritual


Chose a mantra and take your Mala beads. Start to count the Mala beads, one by one, while by reciting the mantra you chose to work and focus on, taking the time to feel the natural folds in the seeds of Rudraksha. This will allow you to ground you deeper in meditation, intensify your resolution and develop the wisdom and serenity required in complicated situations.

Mala Necklace for Sacred Prayer ☾ Rudraksha

    • "The Good Karma Shop" Pouch
    • Mala Beads Symbol Card
    • "With Love" Gift Card where you can leave a personal message. Ready to be offered!
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