Made out of natural deep green Malachite, this whimsical chakra stone necklace is designed to empower, inspire and make those who wear it feel energised and strong!


Buddhist tradition and use:

Linked to the chakra of the heart, Malachite is used in mala prayers to maintain faith and stay strong. A strong heart chakra will, in the Buddhist tradition, help you activate and re-energise all your other chakras as well as balance them. 


The Good Karma Shop symbols:

The symbol of the moon re-minds you to dream while our star charm re-minds you to shine!


Come with a luxury white satin jewelry pouch with a "With Love" gift card.

Chakra Stone Necklace - Malachite

  • Presented in a white satin jewellery pouch from The Good Karma Shop with a "With Love" gift card where you can leave a personal message. Ready to be offered!