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Made out of Natural Deep Green Malachite, this whimsical WILD MOON Necklace is designed to Empower, Inspire and make those who wear it feel Energised and Strong!


☾ The Symbols


The symbol of the Moon re-minds you to Dream while the Lucky Star Charm re-minds you to Shine!


☾ Buddhist Tradition and Use


Linked to the Chakra of the Heart, Malachite is used in Mala Prayers to maintain Faith and stay Strong. A strong Heart Chakra will, in the Buddhist tradition, help you Activate and Re-energise all your other Chakras as well as Balance them. 


WILD MOON Necklace ☾ - Malachite

    • "The Good Karma Shop" Jewellery Pouch
    • Symbol Card for the Wild Moon
    • "With Love" Gift Card where you can Leave a Personal Message. Ready to be offered!
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