Music festival basics for mums-to-be

More than 30 music festivals are going to rhythm this summer across the country. And being bumped is no valuable reason to miss your favourite event this year. But first, let's focus on some safe measures that need to be taken.

Surrounding by junk food, eating what is cooked on the stalls may not be the best idea. To be sure that what you give to your baby is as healthy as you want it to be, you should bring your own supplies and camping stove.

Also, you need to avoid sunstroke, heatstoke and dehydration. Pregnant women are advised to drink at least six to height glasses of fluid. Try not to stay out of the sun too long, especially between 12 and 2; a parasol and a cooling spray may be your best tools.

The last very important thing is to stay vigilant regarding your hygiene. Don't forget to keep a hand gel, toilet paper and baby wipes in your bag. Be aware of the medical tents positions on the site and of course, take some time to rest if you feel tired after dancing.

Now that you and your baby are safe, all you have to do is ENJOY!

Here is some inspiration to choose the best outfit to go to a music festival:

Look smart-casual: Long split skirt with baggy top and a wide-brimmed hat.

Bohemian style: Short bobo dress with boots, assorted to your must-have hat.

Hippie chic outfit: Long dress with big sleeves to go with a colorfull tote bag and sandals.

Pregnancy jewellery:Add a boho chic pregnancy necklace to finish off our festival outfit.

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