Fashion pregnancy: 3 tips to remember

Why should we say goodbye to our fashion habits when we get pregnant? Having your body changing AND keep your trendy style is way easier than you think. Obviously, you will probably have to change some details in your wardrobe, but here are some tips for you...

1. Pregnant Must Have

Even if it's not your usual style, some clothes are never as cute as on a pregnant woman. The dungaree is certainly a must have when you get the bump, plus, it's part of the biggest trends this summer. You can wear it with a sailor top or a simple plain white T, with high heels and hat or snickers and headband... However you make it yours, you'll still look cute and attractive.

2. Show your curves

It's not because you get some extra kilos that you have to be ashamed. Belly, breast, ankles, every part of you is growing with your baby inside, and any diet can change that. Keep the head up and be proud of your pregnancy curves. A fitted dress is a good style to make you look and feel sexy. And if you don't believe it, just try it...

3. Trust yourself

Some well-known ideas and others "cliché" can make you feel unsafe. So just don't listen to them and follow your instinct. A pregnancy bra doesn't have to be ugly. Skinny jeans and leather trousers are sold for pregnant women too. And nursing dresses can actually be gorgeous. Sexy, trendy AND pregnant, yes you can!

Blue nursing dress by Asos

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