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Tips for pregnant travellers

Being pregnant is not a problem to go away and enjoy some holidays. But it can be tricky, even unsafe to not think about it wisely before going on a journey. For all the mums dreaming to escape their daily routine, here are some tips to help you...

1. The destination

Flying on a plane is not essentially dangerous for you and your baby but still uncomfortable. Opt for short flights between an hour and three hours to avoid fatigue. Also, try to avoid destinations where vaccination is required while pregnant. If you do, contact your doctor and ask for precaution measures before going.

2. Packing

Wherever you want to go, whatever you want to do, the big rule to follow is: stay comfortable. Flat shoes, soft trousers, hat to cover from sun, warm cardigan to cover from wind... Chose practically. And if you are travelling for a long time, make sure you bring appropriate clothing for your growing bump.

3. Take it easy

Being pregnant is the best excuse you will ever have to enjoy a quiet break. Of course, you should not do any activity that will put you at risk, such as climbing, skiing or horse riding... Keep it simple with ballads, cultural visits or beach activities.

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