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Super Mums: Between Work And Family

In 2015 mums are hard workers. No reason for them to give up on their career when they can take care of their family at the same time. But it`s actually very stressful most of the time. So how do these super mums do to juggle between work and family?

The first thing to think about, and probably the hardest, is to let go of the guilt. Instead of blaming yourself for spending too much time in the office, think about the kind of life you are offering to your family, thanks to your role in the company.

Having both your job and family to take care of is also a matter of choices. You must take decisions at the right moment. Sometimes you will need to focus on critical deadlines to finish your work properly. But if someone else can handle the job, go home to your children as soon as you can.

To be in the best state of mind when you are a mother and worker, you should be supported by trustful people. Find a nanny you can rely on, and get a skilled assistant. They will have your back and help you juggle between work and family.

And if you are part of the super mums, you will love these office looks. Chic and trendy, find some inspiration with these outfits...

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