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A big thank you to all the lovely mums-to-be and bloggers who shared their adorable pictures of our pregnancy baby chime jewellery with us! We are back from Paris where we attended Playtime Paris, a big maternity professional fair. It is still quite cold out there and we hope that you are taking care of yourselves at home and maybe having fun with your chiming pendants? If your baby responding to its chime? Let us know on Instagram @thegoodkarmashopltd



The picture above shows our French packaging. "Mon Premier Bijou de Maman" means that this pregnancy chime necklace is your first piece of "mum jewellery". Our English jewellery pouch says however only the name of our shop "The Good Karma Shop". Would you like us to create a similar one in English? Let us know on Instagram @thegoodkarmashopltd

For more pictures of our pregnancy chime necklaces and new teething jewellery,

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