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The Echoes of Tradition: Unraveling the Origins of the Harmony Ball

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Step into the enchanting world of the harmony ball, a sacred piece of jewellery that transcends time! In this blog post, we will uncover the ancestral tradition of the harmony ball for pregnancy, revealing the symbolism that makes it a timeless and sacred piece of jewellery for expecting mothers.

1. Ancient Whispers:

 Journey back to ancient civilizations, particularly the Mayans, where the tradition of the harmony ball found its roots. Used as a symbol of maternity, it emits a harmonious sound which creates a connection between the pregnant mother and her unborn child right from the first moments of life. These ancient whispers, said to be the voice of the baby's guardian angel, laid the foundation for the tradition of the harmony ball for pregnancy.

2. Mayan Inspirations in Modern Craftsmanship:

 Our collection of harmony balls beautifully merge delicate symbols of love, maternity and joy with modern and timeless designs. Each of our harmony ball is made by hand using fine silver or 18 carats pink or yellow gold, to create pieces of jewellery unique for each mother and family.

3. Balancing Energies:

Beyond its symbol, the harmony ball also helps balance energies and promote a sense of calm. The gentle chime it produces has a soothing effect, fostering an environment of peace, calm and serenity for both the expectant mother and her baby and is a reminder to take it slow and savour each moment of this unique moment of your life. We also offer a whole range of harmony balls associated with natural stones, each with different properties in lithotherapy to help mums-to)be go through their journey to motherhood. This range of harmony ball with natural stones and the feeling of harmony it offers is really much sought after by expecting mothers seeking a holistic connection with their baby and experience of maternity.

4. Symbolic Unity:

Universally recognized, the harmony ball has become a powerful symbol of the deep connection between a mother and her baby. Whether worn as a pregnancy necklace or treasured as a keepsake, it encapsulates the profound unity of this special journey.


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