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Meditation & Yoga-Inspired Jewellery for the Soul



The Good Karma Shop invites you to wear jewellery which makes you feel connected. Crafted with mindful gemstones, each pieces truly unique, designed for the free spirits and wild souls. Chose between a buddha bracelet, a dreamcatcher or a mala necklace for a unique piece of spiritual jewelry to accompany you in your spiritual journey!

The Magical Power of Spiritual Jewelry: An Ode to the Magic of Life


In the whirlwind of daily life, it is essential to find spiritual anchors to nourish our soul and our well-being. Personalized jewelry charged with meaning and magical power offers an extraordinary avenue for cultivating this inner connection. Whether through symbols such as the lotus flower, meditation beads, the protector of the blue eye, the dream catcher, or the Wild Moon necklaces or zodiac sign medallions, each piece tells a story unique, imbued with deep meanings and mystical powers.


The Lotus Flower: Symbol of Renewal


The lotus flower embodies beauty emerging from darkness. Rooted in Buddhist tradition, this symbol represents spiritual rebirth and purification of the soul. Jewelry adorned with the lotus flower reminds us that no matter what challenges we face, there is always an opportunity for growth and transformation.


The Beads of Meditation: Inner Journey


Meditation beads, or “malas,” are much more than just accessories. They are the faithful companions of spiritual practitioners, guiding them through the twists and turns of the mind towards a state of calm and clarity. Each pearl is an invitation to delve deeper into oneself, to explore the mysteries of the soul and to find inner peace.

Blue Eye: Energy Shield


A universal symbol of protection, the blue eye is revered across many cultures as a shield against negative energies. Worn in the form of jewelry, it envelops us with an invisible shield, protecting us from harmful influences and offering us a feeling of security and serenity.


The Dreamcatcher: Night Guardian


In Native American traditions, the dream catcher is a powerful talisman, believed to filter dreams and thoughts, allowing only positive energies to pass through. Worn as a pendant, bracelet or ring, it acts as a caring guardian, protecting us and reminding us to believe in and achieve our dreams.

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