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Constellation Inspired Jewellery - Zodiac Necklaces, Blue Eye Bracelet & Astro Necklaces



Hurrah, the stars have aligned! Discover our Zodiac Necklace and Astro Jewellery - unique pieces of spiritual jewellery to accompany you in your spiritual journey. Whether you’re an Arius, Leo or Capricorn (or friends with any...), these treasures will make wonderful gifts) We’ve got all star signs covered and they all come with an adorable gift package. You’ll find unique constellation necklaces for each astro sign, one-of-a-kind evil eye bracelet or necklace to protect and other horoscope or astrology inspired necklace – all made to add magic and spirituality into your life!


Since ancient times, men and woman have been wearing their astrological signs and birthstones as jewellery for good luck, protection and empowerment.



Each Constellation necklace has a unique cut out constellation that represents your star sign, complete with a zodiac card and adorable gift packaging.

The Constellation collection takes inspiration from the constellation pattern that relates to each star sign, making a unique and thoughtful birthday gift for your loved ones - each necklace comes with a zodiac card detailing the best qualities and traits of each star sign.


* Capricorn:"She is strong, loving and independent. For a Capricorn, there is nothing more important than family and friends."

* Aquarius:"She is independent, creative and clever. Aquarians are always caring and warmhearted, but also know how to have fun."

* Pisces:"She is loving, generous and compassionate. She possesses great creativity and wisdom and is always willing to help others."

* Aries:"She is spontaneous, fun and energetic. She possesses great courage, strength and vigour and always lived life to the full."

* Taurus:"She is loving, dedicated and affectionate. She is a rock for others and is always there, no matter what."

* Gemini:"She is loving & energetic with an appetite for adventure. She is sociable and sincere, making her great fun to be around."

* Cancer:"She is creative, inspiring and determined. Her thoughtful and caring personality means she is always quick to help others."

* Leo: "She is passionate, generous and warmhearted. Her positive outlook means that she lives life to the fullest and is always fun to be around."

* Virgo:"She is kind, ambitious and warmhearted. Her caring and generous nature makes her an inspirational figure to those around her."

* Libra:"She is gracious, fair-minded and loved by many. She makes great company and enjoys being surrounded by friends and family."

* Scorpio:"She is genuine, loving and a true friend to many. Her calming and sociable nature makes her a great person to be around."

* Sagittarius:"She is generous, enthusiastic and honest. Her positive and fun outlook on life is a breath of fresh air to those around her."

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