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Pregnancy Baby Chime Necklaces - Stars & Moons


A collection of pregnancy baby chime necklace with 18K gold moon charm, sparkling stars and other lucky star charms to soothe baby during pregnancy and style your bump!


The Mexican Bola pregnancy necklace, also known as an ‘angel caller’, is a traditional chiming pendant dating back to ancient Mayan history when its earliest role was to invoke good spirits and protect the baby and mother during pregnancy. The silver pendant, formed with small balls inside, produces a beautiful chime when shaken or rolling on the belly of the expecting mother, which was believed to have to power to call the baby's Guardian Angel for protection and guidance in life.

The subtle chiming sounds of the pregnancy necklace are said to act as a reminder for our guardian angel to watch over us, and in a moment of need the chime can be gently shaken and our guardian angel will come to our side. All our pregnancy necklace pendants are delicately handmade, each one emitting their own unique sound. This is not only soothing for baby but also, and very importantly, provides calming benefits for mothers-to be with the chimes giving a gentle reminder to slow down and find the space in that moment for her and baby in this unique journey of her life. Once born, the chime is a reassuring and familiar sound for the baby as it reminds them of the security of the womb and unique bond created with their mothers. Today we embrace the beautiful tradition and meaning of this special pregnancy jewellery with modern design and sweet gift packaging and often chose to offer it as a pregnancy gift to a loved one to mark or celebrate a special pregnancy.

With such incredibly special sentiment and meaning it’s easy to understand how such pregnancy jewels become traditions, celebrate in many cultures and passed on through generations!

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