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Sending a Gift?

We can gift wrap it and send it directly to the recipient for you!

pregnancy necklace with gift box



Welcome to the UK's number 1 maternity jewellery brand! Discover the legend behind our lovely pregnancy necklace and chose from the best selection of pregnancy necklaces for mums-to-be in silver, gold or pink gold. Each of our pregnancy necklaces is handmade - hence the chime will be entirely unique for each baby - and presented in a lovely gift packaging! Happy shopping!



Finding an original gift idea for a mum-to-be isn't always easy. We always think of a gift for the baby but rarely of a pregnancy gift for the expecting mother. But it is actually nice to receive something for yourself... especially when the hormones and inconveniences of pregnancy can make the mum-to-be feel vulnerable and more sensitive. Offering a pregnancy necklace to a mum-to-be is a delicate touch that for sure will delight her. Whether it's a birthday present for the mother-to-be, a baby shower gift from her girlfriends to the mum-to-be, a romantic Valentine's Day gift for a new mum-to-be or even a Christmas gift for the new mum-to-be, offering a pregnancy pregnancy is an original pregnancy gift idea - a deeply personal and symbolic piece of jewellery that the mum-to-be will be able to keep as a memory of this very special moment of her life. Our pregnancy necklaces are all entirely handmade and presented in a lovely gift packaging - ready to be offered. A pregnancy gift - to bring serenity and love to both the mum-to-be and baby at the same time!


Pregnancy necklaces come from an ancestral Indonesian tradition where expecting mothers in Bali were wearing chime to soothe and calm babies during pregnancy. Legend has it that the soft chime created by this pregnancy necklace has the power to call the guardian angel of the baby to watch over him or her right from the first moments of life. The baby will be able to recognize the familiar sound that soothed in in utero once out there and which will remind him or her of the warmth and love of his or her mum. Entirely handmade, each of our pregnancy necklaces are unique, creating a chime unique to each baby. A beautiful necklace for mums-to-be to create a strong and unique bond with their babies right from the first moments or life. A beautiful tradition and legend for a unique pregnancy gift and deeply personal to each mum!

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