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Loved by You
Reviews from our lovely customers


" Beautiful gift and arrived quickly " 

Ann, London

" I love this necklace. Thank you so much! " 

  Elizabeth, Hong Kong

" The fabric for the necklace was very nice - great for wearing against the skin for someone allergic to most metals and to prevent abrasion to her sensitive skin. The bell is a soft jingle that cannot be heard by anyone but the wearer. This was a pregnancy gift and my friend was thrilled. The card that comes with the pendant is useful as she wasn't aware of the utility.  We hope it works with the baby after she is born. Thank you!" 

Amy, Quebec

Very cute necklace quickly delivered " 

  Katy, Plymouth

" My husband offered me one of your pregnancy necklaces as a surprise after our first echography. Thank you so much - I love it and definitely feel like a real mum-to-be now! " 

  Ciara, Houston

" My friend absolutely loved it -    Thanks so much again for the quick  delivery! " 

  Karina, London 

 " Lovely necklace, quick delivery and great customer service - I love The Good Karma!  

  Emily, London

" The silver harmony ball is shinny and lovely. The chime is really harmonious and  I feel that it helped to regulate my baby on my day / night timing (she was before awake all night long and sleeping instead during the day. Thanks a lot!!" 

  Aline, Paris

"I wore a harmony ball everyday throughout my pregnancy from about the 5th month of pregnancy when I knew my baby could hear the sounds from outside the womb a bit more clearly. I have become a huge fan of harmony balls, firstly because they are a really beautiful and fashionable piece of jewellery and secondly because it was one of the best ways to bond with my baby before his birth. He responded by kicking me when I jiggled the necklace on my tummy, it was really cute, a great way to communicate together. After he was born, I used it several times to soothe him when he was a bit unsettled or during breastfeeding. I still wear it now, it is one of my favourite necklaces and I get loads of compliments on it. It is a beautiful and unusual gift to give any expectant mums."

Marion, London

harmony ball
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pregnancy necklace
pregnancy necklace

Loved by You


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