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Please ensure you read the following so that with a few simple steps, you can help maintain your products, keeping them safe and long lasting.

Pregancy Jewellery

Our pregnancy jewellery is hand made and must be handled carefully. They are pregnancy jewellery for adults and are not suitable for children or babies as they contain small pieces.

Some natural materials used (semi-precious stones, pearl, silver, etc) change over time and should be treated with care. Avoid shock, scratches or repeated friction, solvents or chemical products as well as immersion in water. Remove your jewelry before washing dishes, cleaning or swimming. Do not spray perfume directly on your pendant or necklace.

Store your jewellery in a box at night, away from light and dust.

The chain necklaces being long sautoirs (circa 40 inch), please handle them carefully. The Good Karma Shop can not be held responsible if you break them by pulling too hard on them. They are silver-plates steal necklaces so are really resistant but, as for any chain, they can break if you pull too much on them. If you want a baby chime with a really strong necklace, please chose among our range of Liberty, silky ribbon or leather necklaces.


Silicone Mama & Kids Jewellery, Dummy-Clips and Baby Teethers 

The Good Karma Shop Silicone Jewelry & Dummy Clips can be used on children aged 3+.


Do not leave a child unattended whilst wearing jewelry or a dummy clip. Remove whilst child is sleeping. Always use under the surveillance of an adult.


Always check for wear & tear before each use. Pull the product in all directions and discard if it shows the slightest sign of deterioration or fragility.


Never lengthen them. Never attach to cords, laces or loose parts of clothing. The child may be strangled. Never uses the dummy strap or jewellery when the child is in a Moses basket, bed, cot or craddle. 

Please make sure you wash your teething item before use. You may find that dust sticks to your item at first, this is purely a characteristic of new high quality silicone and this effect will wear off the more the items are worn and washed.

All our teething jewellery collections are washable and to help make mama's life even easier. Please wash your item with warm water and soap as often as required but we do not recommend placing them in dishwasher so as not to fragilise them. A good hand wash with soap is entirely sufficient too in order to clean it for your baby!

All our teething items made from 100% high quality food grade silicone (the same as dummy's and bottle teats), and is FDA approved. The silicone that we use is odourless, tasteless and does not harbour bacteria. It's also non-toxic, BPA free, and contains no PVC, phthalate, cadmium, latex, lead, or heavy metals.​


Our teething necklaces and bracelets are thread on extra strong nylon cord. Which is quick drying, so that lovely baby dribble won't hang around for long! Please note the cord and clasp are not intended for chewing on.


​​Our teething necklaces are fitted with a break away clasp for added safety.

All our jewellery goes through rigorous testing in an independent lab to maintain all our safety certifications.  All The Good Karma Shop products meet the criteria of EN71 (sections 1, 2 and 3) which test for mechanical and physical properties, flammability and the migration of certain elements. 


Our dummy/ teether clips comply to EN12586.



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