Buddhist Necklace "Lotus Flower" Silver Plated.


The Buddhist Meaning


The lotus represents the possibility for any human being to attain Buddha whatever your living conditions, just like the lotus flower grew from a muddy pond to flourish and rise out of the water and give a flower of incredible beauty.


The lotus represents the elevation of the soul, the awakening, the emblem of spiritual elevation.


The Benefits


This lotus necklace will help you go further in your spiritual development by achieving the following goals:

  • Detachment
  • Enlightment and Bodhi state
  • Love and compassion for all things
  • Self-consciousness
  • Faith in spiritual development


☾ Utilisation


Make a wish before putting on this necklace. The positive energy and love that you will give every day around you is what the world will give you back. Wear your necklace to remind yourself to keep this karmic circle filled with love and peace.


In meditation and yoga, it will allow you to connect and anchor yourself deeply to the earth and develop self-awareness. The lotus also brings great wisdom and clairvoyance skills, helping you reason in complicated situations.


Buddhist Necklace ☾ "Lotus Flower" - Silver Plated

Buddhist Necklace ☾ "Lotus Flower" - Silver Plated

  • Presented in a white satin jewellery pouch from The Good Karma Shop with a "With Love" gift card where you can leave a personal message. Ready to be offered!