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Crystal Therapy - Crystal Kit Against Insomnia ☾ "Sweet Sleep"


This collection of 3 mini crystals has been selected according to the principles of Crystal Therapy to harmonize the energies of your bedroom, release tensions and promote a deep sleep in an entirely natural way.


Surround yourself with the soothing energy of these mineral stones to create and diffuse an energy conducive to sleep and fabulous dreams.


☾ Benefits

* Amazonite (Blue) - Alleviates Stress and Promotes Peaceful Rest

* Citrine (Yellow) - a Calming Energy that Attracts Sweet & Sweet Dreams

* Selenite (Transparent) - Purifies the Aura to Sleep Soundly


☾ The Ritual


Take each of these smini tones in your hands each night before going to sleep. Take a moment to reflect and meditate on the message that each seeks to tell you. Then place them under your pillow, bed, on your bedside table or windowsill to attract the deepest and dreamiest dreams.


You can also create a Crystal Grid using the template on the back of this card (you can use the different Grid symbols to vary the Grids as you wish).


Recharging your Crystals


Place the crystals on a windowsill under direct moonlight at Full Moon to cleanse and recharge every month, seizing this opportunity to reflect once again about their message and open yourself always and again, calmly and with patience, to their wisdom and that of the cosmos surrounding all of us.

Crystal Kit ☾ Insomnia

    • "The Good Karma Shop" pouch to store your Stones
    • Intention card for the Stones
    • Free "With Love" gift card where you can write a message if it is a gift!
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