Crystal Therapy Kit ☾ "I Quit Drinking"


This Crystal Therapy kit is intended to support you in your decision to quit drinking or quit drinking excessively. We like to use this set of three crystals to remind us of our intention to sustainably improve our health and life, purify negative energies and temptations around us and focus with our intention to become the best version of ourselves. 


The Ritual


We place them around our home in symbolic places that must change and take them with us to support us in our daily lives. We hope that they will inspire you to fill up on good vibrations, positive energies and change your life for good!




This Crystal Therapy Kit is intended to support you in the twists and turns of life. We like to use this set of three crystals to remind us of our intention to make room in our lives for our resolutions, clear energies and attract good vibrations.


☾ Composition


  • 3 Crystals
  • The Good Karma Shop pouch
  • An intention card for crystals

Crystal Therapy Kit ☾ - I Quit Drinking

    • The Good Karma Shop pouch to carry or store your cristals
    • Intention card for the cristals
    • Free "With Love" gift card where you can write a message if it is a gift