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A Whimsical DREAMCATCHER Necklace ☾ "I Am a Dreamer" - to Remind You to Follow your Dream!


☾ Symbol


This dreamcatcher represents your dreams and hopes in the form of a sacred charm. It is a very personal piece of protective, shamanic jewellery designed to trap worries and negative energies to help you make your dream come true by surrounding you with the positive energies of the cosmos.


☾ Use


Make a wish before wearing it and do not take it out before your dream comes true!


Part of the Gypsy Set. This Dreamcatcher Necklace is designed to Inspire you to Follow your Dreams!


Available in Yellow Gold, Pink Gold or Silver.


Check out our Dreamcatcher Ring and Dreamcatcher Bracelet for matching Dreamcatcher Jewellery for yourself or your friends.


Our Vision is for Women to feel Empowered by their Jewellery.

DREAMCATCHER Necklace ☾ "I Am a Dreamer"

    • Jewellery pouch
    • Symbol Card for the Dreamcatcher
    • Complimentary "With Love" Gift Card where you can leave a personal message if it is for a gift!
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