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Made out of Natural Californian Turquoise, this whimsical WILD MOON Necklace is designed to Empower, Inspire and make those who wear it feel Energised and Strong!


☾ The Symbols


The symbol of the Moon re-minds you to Dream while the Lucky Star Charm re-minds you to Shine!


☾ Buddhist Tradition and Use


With its deep Sky Blue Hue, Turquoise aids Spiritual Attunement and boosts Communication and Connectivity. Linked to the Throat Chakra, it helps to Communicate Better with your Loved Ones or with Yourself.

WILD MOON Necklace ☾ - Turquoise

    • "The Good Karma Shop" Jewellery Pouch
    • Symbol Card for the Wild Moon
    • "With Love" Gift Card where you can leave a Personal Message. Ready to be Offered!
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