Boho Chic Pregnancy Style

Harmony ball pregnancy necklace

Gaia wearing our Gypsy Mama pregnancy necklace in pastel pink

Bohemian roots being at the fondation of The Good Karma Shop, it was with great pleasure that we discovered these charming picture serie from French blogger Mummy's Little Girl wearing our Gypsy Mama pregnancy charm necklace.

harmony ball

Wearing a white flowers and foliage head crown, a striped shirt and simple teeshirt highlighting her pregnancy necklace and growing baby bump, the lovely Gaia chose a bohemian theme, natural and simple, for her pregnancy portrait pictures.

Harmony Ball "Gypsy Mama" Pink

A strong supporter of organic and vegan lifestyle, the young mum-to-be wanted to surrong herself with natural products as much as possible (our jewellery are all

silver-plated and nickel free) and loved the idea to own and wear

a symbolic piece of pregnancy jewelry soothing her unborn baby

and that she will one day able to hand down to her little girl.

Pregnancy Necklace from The Good Karma Shop

Follow the boho chic trend for your maternity fashion looks with a pregnancy bola chime necklace from the "Gypsy Mama" collection. Available in white, yellow, pink, blue, turquoise and grey, just pick your favourite colour to highlight your growing belly and style your baby bump.

And why not wear it on your official pregnancy portrait like Gaia too? ;)

Happy pregnancy days!

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