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A huge thank you to all the stylish mums-to-be and bloggers who have shared

their stunning pictures of their pregnancy jewellery with us this month!

Pregnancy chime necklace with mini pearl of Turquoise, December's birthstone !


Our "Mini Pearl" pregnancy chime necklace: a bola chime pendant with a mini pearl

of Turquoise, a protective gemstone for you and your baby which is also

the baby birthstone for December's babies!


Can babies recognise the sound of the chime necklace which soothed them

inside your womb during pregnancy? Cilia proves us that they can with this adorable picture of her baby boy, 5 days after birth, looking to play with his bola chime!

Please handle with great care and do not leave the bola to your new born baby.

Or why not do like several of our mums and sew your bola inside your baby's teddy bear?

This could be a charming way to keep the connection between him and this little chime!

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Bloggers Wearing our Bola Pregnancy Necklaces

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