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Slow Life: Family Jewellery that Reminds You to Slow Down & Enjoy

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Inspired by the Slow philosophy that encourages parents to reconnect and enjoy simple pleasures and the mundanity of everyday life, The Good Karma Shop seeks to capture intimate moments of family life and show you new ways in which you can engage and connect with your children in a modern world.

Our pregnancy chime necklaces encourages mums-to-be to a sense of stillness through the melodious soft chime of our harmony balls that gently soothe their babies. But the soothing sound and effect of our harmony ball pendants is not just for babies: it is for expecting mothers too and will remind them too that they need to relax and slow down to enjoy this unique and magical period of their lives.

Our rich tactile teething necklaces and teething accessories offer a different sensorial experience to new mums and their babies: they are made out of BPA free, food-grade silicone beads and natural wooden rings that alternate to soothe your baby's gencives during the teething period and provide him with a fun, multi-sensorial toy experience.

Presented in an exciting packaging, The Good Karma Shop's simple and mindful products encourages you to embrace this slower pace of life that characterize young families by creating smart family products that can be enjoyed over time with your loved ones.

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